Brainhack deskmania

For the second year in a row, all the events organized by the Open-Science Special Interest Group of OHBM will be virtual. Once it was time to pick an image for homepage, rather than coming up with a picture of a virtual brain, we thought it would be interesting to compose a brain with what is the actual venue for each of us: our desk.

We asked to colleagues and on Mattermost for pictures of desks. Then, using a picture of an ex vivo brain (the original picture is part of figure 3a in this paper) as a template, we created the photo mosaic brain in the homepage

We would very much like for every brainhack attendee to add to this page a picture of their desk (be aware that it doesn't have to be an actual desk :) if you are lucky enough, a beach towel may be your desk!).

To do that you can follow the instruction here to guide you on how to make a pull request to this repository to add your image.