Recorded talks

All lightning, demo and keynote talks have been pre-recorded to minimise technical difficulties during speaker changes. They will be broadcast according to a schedule designed to maximise global access, with each session broadcast three times per day.

We are no longer accepting submissions for Lighting, Demo or Keynote talks.

Live discussions

Emergent sessions and OS-SIG Ceremonies will be held live to maximise audience engagement. Emergent sessions can be initiated by anyone registered for the OSR (as a OHBM registrant or a zero-cost registrant), by completing the form below. When registering for the OSR by either route, you will be asked to provide your consent for emergent session to be recorded and preserved for later viewing. Please let us know if there is a particular reason why your emergent session should not be recorded.

Open review

All submitted talk and emergent proposals will automatically populate an issue in our publicly available GitHub repository. By using the form below to submit your proposal you are providing your consent for the information supplied to be made publicly available for the purposes of open review. Sensitive personal information will NOT be made public.

Please DO NOT use the submit form if there is any reason why your proposal should not be made available for open review. In these instances, please contact us supplying the theme (if relevant), format and a short description of your talk. Please comment that you do not wish for your proposal to be made public. You do not need to disclose a reason for this.

Community feedback

The community is invited to openly review and comment on talk and emergent proposals. We will use this feedback to inform our decisions in selecting proposals, along with other criteria described on our FAQ page. You are encouraged to submit your proposal as early as possible to allow time for community feedback.

During the submission process you will be asked to provide your GitHub username so you can be linked to the issue. You will receive an email confirmation when your submission has been recorded, and this will include a link to your issue on our GitHub repository.

The OS-SIG twitter account will also tweet a link to every a new talk proposal added to the repository and invite community review. Please feel free to use this and other means to promote your proposal in any way you wish and gather as much feedback or interest as you can!

If you do not have a GitHub username, we invite you to follow the instructions available here to create your free account before beginning the submission process.