The OSR has always been a place to learn and share experiences. This year we are centring these experiences around themes which are undergoing rapid change in our discipline. We’d also like to reflect where we have come from and what we may be heading towards!

Theme 1: Open Data 2.0


Borrowing from the language of web, “Open Data 2.0” represents a transition from a static open data dump (what might be considered as Open Data 1.0) to the developments of social tools which facilitate collaboration. Are we ready for Open Data 2.0? How are different models of collaboration serving our community, to expedite high quality and justice oriented research? Perhaps we should be looking further into the future to Open Data 3.0, where high quality meta-data will enable machine readable semantic understanding of data sources?

Talks in this theme will showcase advances in the field of open data, collaboration and data curation. We would like to celebrate what you have achieved and be inspired to bring new models to our own research practices.

Theme 2: Open Workflows


A “workflow” is a sequence of operations. Following good open research practices, we aim to describe our workflow from data collection to figure generation as accurately as possible, to ensure maximum reproducibility by ourselves and our colleagues. We have also developed reproducible workflows for dealing with essential adjunct research activities, such as communication within and outside of our research groups and scheduling research participants. Recent advances such as containerisation have reduced barriers to sharing workflows between individual users, but the use of such tools is by no means universal.

Talks in this theme will showcase how we ensure individual aspects of our research workflows are transferable, reproducible and connected. We are also pleased to hear about open source office, lab or life hacks we couldn’t do without!

Theme 3: The Past, Present and Future of Open Neuroimaging


How has openness in neuroimaging evolved over time? What have we learnt from the past, and how are current activities shaping the future of our discipline? In this theme we look to where the community thinks we are headed, what we would like to work towards and what we should be mindful of along the way.