OSR sessions will have one of the following formats:


As for the main OHBM conference, this years OSR will happen across different time zones: UTC, PDT, EDT, BST, CEST, CST, AEST. This is very relevant if you are planning to submit a presentation to the OSR

Educational sessions will be pre-recorded and broadcast according to our schedule. Speakers will be available for Q&A immediately following the broadcast of their sessions in at least two timezone hubs. You can also leave questions on pre-specified Mattermost channels and speakers will be encouraged to get back to you.

Panel discussions will be live and feature a host that will moderate a predetermined topic of discussion among a panel of speakers. Questions from the audience are encouraged (via chat feature) and will be transmitted to the panel by the host throughout the session.

Panel discussions are pre-defined sessions on the following topics:

  1. The future of open tools/technologies.
    Time zone for live discussion and Q&A: Tuesday 22/6 5PM UTC
  2. Building a career in the age of open-science.
    Time zone for live discussion and Q&A: Tuesday 22/6 5:30PM UTC
  3. Saving time and resources: Open-science and sustainability.
    Time zone for live discussion and Q&A: Monday 21/6 5:30PM UTC
  4. Challenges in open science.
    Time zone for live discussion and Q&A: Monday 21/6 5PM UTC
  5. Ensuring open science is accessible.
    Time zone for live discussion and Q&A: Monday 21/6 1AM UTC

Emergent sessions are bookable during the meeting for times allocated for emergent sessions. Emergent sessions can be booked by any OHBM or OSR registered participant at any point in the meeting, while there is space in the schedule. Submitted emergent requests will be briefly reviewed by the OSR team for appropriate content, and details communicated regarding how to book a slot in our schedule. We will be on hand to manage the hosting and broadcast of your session on your behalf, and help your participants join the conversation.

Emergent sessions may last from 15 minutes to one hour. The duration will be set by the participant organiser, or it will run for as long as the conversation is flowing.

Emergent sessions can be framed as conversations held in an open format among peers. These sessions may be used to invite contributions to collaborative projects, hold an open forum to discuss a development in existing projects, hold a panel discussion, or basically anything you would like!

All emergent sessions will be recorded (unless we have specific reason to think this would inhibit discussion) and made available for viewing on Crowdcast straight after the event. Links to this “spontaneously” recorded material will be shared with registered participants.