Yu-Fang YangBerlin, Germany
Anibal SólonAustin, USA
Andrea GondovaParis, France
Xinhui LiAtlanta, USA
Suami RochaBelém, Brazil
Qing (Vincent) WangMontreal, Canada
Bruno Hebling VieiraZurich, Switzerland
Sina Mansour LMelbourne, Australia
Beau HaugenMinneapolis, USA

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The OHBM Open Science SIG mission is to advance neuroimaging research by fostering the open sharing of ideas, data, and tools between members of the OHBM community. This will be accomplished by organizing educational events, supporting collaborative initiatives, and providing mentorship to junior researchers.As with previous years, our three main contributions to the OHBM annual meetings are:

  • organizing a Brainhack to precede the annual meeting
  • introducing the tools of open science via interactive tutorials as part of the TrainTrack
  • facilitating collaborative work on a wide range of open science projects
Koen HaakChair
Andrea GondovaSecretary
Linden ParkesTreasurer
Yu-Fang YangHackathon Co-Chair
Anibal SolonHackathon Co-Chair
Subapriya SuppiahOSR Co-Chair
Selma LugtmeijerOSR Co-Chair
Junhao Wen (Hao)Hybridization Chair
Fernando BarriosInclusivity Officer
Kangjoo LeeInclusivity Officer
Nur NabilaCommunity Liason Officer
Almudena HaroCommunity Liason Officer
Nils MuhlertChair Elect
Subapriya SuppiahSecretary Elect
Yi-Ju Lee (Jean)Treasurer Elect
Qing Wang (Vincent)Hackathon Co-Chair Elect
Sina MansourHackathon Co-Chair Elect
Xiangzhen KongOSR Co-Chair Elect