This is your go-to page with quick access to everything you need to make the best of your virtual OHBM OSR experience. If we missed something, please let us know!

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Access the Open Science Room

In order to participate in the Open Science Room activities, you have to be registered for the event. You can do this via our registration page. Upon registration, you will receive an email with the necessary passwords and login details to access Crowdcast and

Schedule of Activities

The OSR schedule is repeated three times a day over three timezone hubs. Access the schedule for your timezone by clicking the appropriate geographical "hub" for your location. From these pages you can use a dropdown tool to select your exact location and see everything in your local timezone. All content is available to everyone, irrespective of where you are based.

Crowdcast Video Broadcast

The OSR program will be broadcast via Crowdcast. To prepare, you can create a free account, and find out more about how to attend a Crowdcast event. On the OHBM OS-SIG's Crowdcast page, you can access the list of all upcoming OSR events. Follow the account to receive event updates. Passwords to access the broadcasts will be emailed to registered participants.

If Crowdcast is not available in your region, we will also be broadcasting on Douyu.

Mattermost Text Chat

Text-based chat on Mattermost (an open source equivalent of Slack) is part of the Open Science Room experience. Please sign up here and join the hbm-open-science-room channel where we will be sharing information regularly. To find out more about using Mattermost, have a look at this Mattermost basics demo video or their User Guide. Social Space is a virtual meeting space that allows you to move freely in a room and join informal video conversations with fellow OSR participants. The space has a low tech 8-bit graphics style, and there are lounge areas, kitchen, garden and co-working spaces for you to explore! As you navigate around the space, you will be able to join video chat with people when you are are close to them. Each "town" has capacity of 50 people at any one time, so you can join OSR Social 1 or OSR Social 2 spaces! Passwords to access the spaces will be emailed to registered participants. Only available on for Chrome and Firefox browsers.

Douyu Video Broadcast

We will be streaming to Douyu for participants without access to Crowdcast. Here you can watch all the OSR content without participating in the events. Please see our live Douyu stream and subscribe for updates.

Code of Conduct

We remind you to abide by the OHBM Code of Conduct, which you agreed to do when registering for this event. Please treat fellow participants with respect and kindness. If you see or experience any violation, please follow the reporting instructions given in the Code of Conduct.

Find Help

  • For general OSR support: email us
  • For general, technical or open science-related text-based support: ask a question on our the Mattermost channelhelp_desk-general
  • For Code of conducts violations: please refer to the contacts in the OHBM Code of Conduct