Work will be presented in the OSR in one of the following formats:


Theme specific talks will be presented in keynote, lightning or demo sessions. These have all been pre-recorded and will be broadcast according to our schedule.

Spontaneous or non-themed sessions are bookable in advance or during the meeting for emergent sessions. These will be held live at a time convenient for the speakers. All emergents will be recorded (unless we have specific reason to think this would inhibit discussion) and made available for viewing on Crowdcast straight after the event. Links to this “spontaneously” recorded material will be shared with registered participants.

Prerecorded talks

To smooth the flow of the conference, all lightning and demo and keynote talks have been pre-recorded. Speakers will be available for Q&A immediately following the broadcast of their talks in at least two timezone hubs. You can also leave questions on pre-specified Mattermost channels and speakers will be encourage to get back to you.

Lightning lightning

Lightning talks will be five minutes long with 20 minutes for questions after all five talks in a session have taken place.

These sessions will give a rapid showcase of how our community is working, where they are focused, and what methods they are exploring. This is the place to get a taster of the depth and breadth of the work going on in our community, spark interest and ideas for your own work, and keep an eye out for collaboration opportunities!

Keynote keynote

Keynote talks will be 25 minutes long, with 15 minutes for questions and discussion. These talks will showcase the best of our discipline with a clear message and call to action for our community.

Demo demo

Software and process demo sessions are seven minutes with 20 minutes for questions after all four talks in the session have taken place.

These sessions will give you a sneak preview of the tools our community are developing for their research. This is a great place to pick up processes before they reach the wider audience, speak directly with the developers, and contribute to the success of these applications. Lots of toys for you to pick up and play with, if you like that sort of thing!

Emergent Emergent

Emergent sessions may last from 15 minutes to one hour. The duration will be set by the participant organiser, or it will run for as long as the conversation is flowing.

Emergents can be framed as conversations held in an open format among peers. These sessions may be used to invite contributions to collaborative projects, hold an open forum to discuss a development in existing projects, hold a panel discussion, or basically anything you would like! You are equally welcome to share other research findings or practices which do not fit into one of the themes we are promoting.

Emergent sessions can be booked by any registered participant at any point in the meeting, while there is space in the schedule. Submitted emergent requests will be briefly reviewed by the OSR team for appropriate content, and details communicated regarding how to book a slot in our schedule. We will be on hand to manage the hosting and broadcast of your session on your behalf, and help your participants join the conversation.